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Debut Novel: A Year and a Day

A Year and a Day

Cass expected the one year anniversary of Johnny’s death would be hard; at least as hard as her attempts have been to move on in life without her husband. She didn’t expect to be haunted by him, seeing him everywhere. The more she fights these images, the stronger they become, until something must give… her sanity or her faith.

In order to move on, she must confront her past. In order to confront her past, she must accept her future. Her past and future will collide, leaving either devastation or awakening in its wake. The choice is hers: return to the Path she’d left behind all those years ago; or forge her own future, regardless of the consequences.

This debut novel from Michaela Mills tackles the subjects of grief after the loss of a spouse, finding love again, and allowing oneself to face both the past and the future head-on.

Debut Collective Anthologies


My stories can be found in Book 2 (Under Dogs) and Book 5 (Against All Odds). Click the books below to order your copies from Amazon today!

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Debut Collective Anthology

We are writers, new and experienced, coming together to make a series of anthologies.

All imagination. All volunteer.

After attending the Utopia Con (formerly UtopYA Con) in June of 2015, a group of inspired and eager authors set in motion not just one but a five book anthology series to showcase the togetherness and inspiration that Utopia Con (unaffiliated) brought them.

With an amazing line-up of 15 stories per book, there’s even an entire crew of volunteer editors, formatters, cover designers and branding staff.

These anthologies were released at Utopia Con 2016.

About Michaela Mills

Thank you for stopping by! I am Michaela Mills and I currently live in a beautiful suburb of the Mile High City—Denver, Colorado. I live with my husband, two children, and three cats. They are my daily inspiration in so many ways.

In case you couldn’t tell, I write stories—short stories, novels, even the occasional script/screenplay! My passion, however, is in novels. I have participated in—and won!—NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every year since 2007. Writing isn’t the problem for me; the revisions and edits that become so tedious are something that I’ve only recently begun to truly grasp.

As you saw above, I am participating in the Debut Collective. I will have two short stories in two of the Anthology books. I am very excited to have them published; I really enjoyed writing them, and hope to expand at least one of them into a full novel at some point!

My genre of choice is Young Adult, though I have dabbled in both New Adult and Adult Contemporary. Maybe it is because I have a teenage daughter, but I feel a strong connection with the Young Adult genre. Both of my short stories in the Debut Collective Anthologies are of the YA genre.

In addition to writing, I also love to read! I’ve been blessed to meet some wonderful authors over the last couple of years, and have come to know many of them quite well. I believe that being an author, especially today, requires us to network and lean on one another like we never thought about before. We are all in this together! We help each other in every possible, and this is why a good portion of my blog is dedicated to my author friends.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something of interest around here! Definitely keep in touch, and sign up for my Newsletter below. I promise not to spam your inbox—my newsletter is specific to updates on me, where I’m at in the publishing process, and maybe some upcoming event information that you may want to know about.

Write on? Right on!