I am Michaela Mills and I hail from Colorado. I have been writing my entire life, but only started to seriously get into writing novels in 2007. Writing is the easy part; going back and editing, and really getting into the meat of it, is where I struggle, because it’s less about the creative aspect and more about the highly analytical aspect at that point. I enjoy writing young adult and romance (not smut, thank you LOL), and I often find my stories become a combination of the two. My debut novel releases this year, in June of 2017.

Private Life

I have been married to my soul mate for over ten years; in some ways it seems like much more, and yet in others it seems like just yesterday that we said our vows to one another. Together, we have two wonderful children and four fur babies (three kitties and a hamster). We enjoy many things, from watching movies (especially nerdy movies like Star Trek and Marvel movies) to playing online RPGs (specifically World of Warcraft and EverQuest). We are also avid readers, and while it took me awhile to make the switch over to an eReader, I’m now a die-hard advocate, and you’d be hard-pressed to find me without some way to access an eBook—whether it’s via my Kindle, my Nook, my iPad, or even my iPhone. That leads me to our other love, that of technology. Luddites, we are not!


I find motivations in many different places, but mostly in reading the works of others and talking with other authors. I love YA fiction and have written a lot of it, but I also enjoy plain old contemporary fiction, as well. I’m very picky when it comes to fantasy books, YA or not, and the same with sci-fi; unfortunately, I rarely know if I’ll enjoy it until I read it, so I’ll read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy just in case. I know; that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!