I saw this image and I got a good laugh out of it, especially #1. I remember, as a kid, insisting on reading books that were harder and trying my darnedest to sound out all of the words. In the above example of Colonel sounding like “kernel,” I remember feeling as if my mind had been blown! “But why?” I would ask my mom when I would come across words that didn’t sound like they were spelled. The most common answer was, “Because they are based on foreign words from other languages, like French and German.” She then taught me how to understand the pronunciation guides within the dictionary and off I went… yes, I was one of those kids who read the dictionary. (Sure made the spelling bee fun! )

#2—Well, I try not to read while walking. Books, at least. Texts and such seem to be a completely different matter entirely. Yes, I’m guilty of that. However, I have never walked into a fountain, tripped on a curb, or fallen into a sewer due to reading something (phone, book, or anything else to be read). Does that make me rare? Or just much more aware of my surroundings? I tend to think it’s more the latter.

#3—I admit that I do just LOVE the smell of a book—especially one fresh off the press. There’s something about that smell… it is so homey. Most people think of chocolate chip cookies or fresh baked bread as homey scents. Those are nice and all, but books… mmmm… yeah. Now, all of that said, I have been converted to the eReader. That is most definitely not to say that I don’t still buy physical copies of books, because I do. I just tend to read them on my Kindle, and if I find I really like the book, I buy it. I also am able to pick up a bunch of free books from Amazon, and they have helped me in many ways: free books are good on the pocketbook, they give me something to read, and they’ve helped me be a better writer, both in the fact that reading helps, but also in the fact that I have been writing reviews of these books. Some of them end up on the blog, others don’t. One of these days I’ll put them all up here… the problem is that the format is different here than it is for other sites where I post my reviews.

#4—Oh, yes. The cozy nest. Pillows. Blankets. Hot tea. (Yes, even in the summertime.) It doesn’t have to be anything special, but it does have to be comfortable. I can’t read for hours on end like I want to if I’m super uncomfortable.

So, that’s me. How about you? Are you a “common bookworm”?