Oooooh! This is one of my favorite topics. The topic of Notebooks!

I say this is one of my favorite topics, but it’s also a topic of contention in my household. I see a new journal/notebook and say “Ooh! I love the looks of that! I need to get that!” Then, my husband says “You already have a gazillion notebooks; why do you need another?”

Well, I don’t really need a new one, but I’m always on the lookout for new notebooks and ways to organize.

Because, let’s face it, I need help with organization.

It’s not so much that I’m disorganized as it is I get easily distracted. Yes, I do have ADHD (just diagnosed last year… eep!), but I also have OCD (clinically diagnosed, wheeee). I have a strange (in my mind) version of OCD. I’m not super clean and overly organized, but the things I do keep organized have to be organized just so. Like, my movies need to be in categories and alphabetically organized. Random, I know.

I love planners and notebooks… I just rarely use any truly efficiently. Every year, I vow to be better about it… including this year.

Oy, I’m getting off topic here.

Ok, notebooks. So, as mentioned previously, I have several notebooks. I have one for my day job (actually two), one for my current WIPs, one for ideas, one for brainstorming, one is used more like a journal, etc. But I know what each one is for. I also have little dictation-style notebooks that I carry with my, either in my planner or in my purse/backpack, for jotting down random notes to myself if needed. I started using these little Rocketbook notepads, and it’s really changed the game. Not only can I jot my thoughts down, but I can then upload them to myself to hold in my OneNote file, or email to myself, etc. I have a large Rocketbook notepad and two of the small ones. I usually write everything through the week and then on Friday or Saturday—whichever day is my sit-down-and-refocus-for-the-following-week day—I go through the notepad and upload what needs to be uploaded or put things into a calendar or whatever follow-up needs to be done. Then, I wipe the pages down and erase everything (water and/or heat removes everything) and set the pages to dry while I work on other things. It’s become a pretty good system for me; as long as I actually do my sit-down-and-refocus-for-the-following-week bit, which has been the hardest to keep implemented, if I’m being honest.

When it comes to notebooks, though, each person is different and has their own process. Some people keep multiple notebooks for different reasons (like me). Others keep one notebook but portion it out with dividers. Others prefer to do everything via electronic device (computer, phone, etc.) by using apps. Others also do things electronically, but via voice dictation (whether it’s voice to text or just voice memos). The key is to find what works best for you! I, personally, find that writing things down physically helps me to retain the information longer, so that’s what I do.

How do you work and keep organized? With or without notebooks?