So, yesterday was a pretty crazy day. It was my first day back to work since the holidays, my great-niece is in town visiting, and then a migraine hit in the late afternoon. Yikes! Thanks to all that, I didn’t get my challenge post done, so I’m doing it today, along with today’s challenge.

Day 4 is Character Flaws. I’m assuming they mean my character flaws as later on they specify Main Character (MC). So, what the hell.

My biggest character flaw is a lack of distinct focus. I don’t mean an inability to sit down and focus on a task or whatnot, I mean a lack of picking something and truly focusing on it through to completion. I have so many things I want to do, and then I get bogged down in all of them, to where they don’t get completed.

  • I want to knit all the things
  • I want to write multiple books and series
  • I want to focus on practicing deeper mindfulness
  • I want to consistently use my planner(s)
  • I want to be present at work without constant distractions
  • I want to express creativity in everything I do
  • I want to bake all the keto things
  • I want to read all the things

As you can see, that’s a lot of stuff, and it isn’t even a complete list. My problem is being able to pick one, focus on it for a set amount of time, then go to the next one, focus on it, etc. I’m really working on that this year.

Day 5 is character strengths, and again, I’m assuming they mean my character strengths.

One thing I feel is a character strength of mine is compassion and empathy. Even though I’m a rather cynical and sarcastic person by nature, I still very deeply feel compassion and empathy for others, and try to express them in various ways.

That’s everything for today. Come back tomorrow to see what I write about Love Interest

Edited to add:

Apparently, my site never actually posted this yesterday. Yikes! I only realized it now when I came on to do Day 6.

Curse you, WordPress app for iPhone!

Day 6 will be another post, but I want to make sure this one gets posted first.