So, Day 7 would have me talking about Villains.

The first (and in many ways only) thing that comes to mind is related to politics. I’ve vowed to keep my blog (and most of my social media) as politics-free as I can, so this is a tough one for me.

I could talk about villains in my books, but I’m afraid it would give away too many plot points as the books aren’t published yet. 😂

I could talk about villains in popular movies, like Marvel’s Avengers or something, but I fear that’s been overdone.

So, where does that leave me?

How about I talk in generics about what I like in a villain?

For me, the best villains—the most compelling villainy characters—are the ones you can sympathize with, the ones you could see yourself maybe becoming if circumstances fell in certain patterns. I love those villains because they feel real, they get under your skin.

So now I’ll turn it around and ask you to comment: what do you think makes a great villain?