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Saul Goodman: Advocate. Shyster. Tragic Hero. Gimmick. Fraud. How does a decent, likable attorney named Jimmy McGill transform into the morally bankrupt Saul Goodman? Is Mr. Goodman a reflection of Jimmy’s underlying identity or a reaction to indelible circumstances? WHY YOU BETTER CALL SAUL examines Jimmy’s descent and the many faces of our favorite fictional lawyer. This book also addresses many other questions, including: What does Kim’s relationship with Jimmy teach us about the power (and limitations) of love? What do Jimmy’s relationships with his brother (Chuck) and friend (Marco) teach us about how outside influences can affect one’s psyche? What do Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut have in common with Dexter Morgan? How do Saul Goodman and Walter White break free from societal constraints? How does Saul Goodman manipulate the media in order to promote his legal services? Is Saul defined by his tacky advertisements? How does Jimmy run afoul of ethical norms? How does Saul Goodman compare to other fictional attorneys, such as The Simpsons’ Lionel Hutz and potentially challenge the cultivation theory? Does Jimmy possess any heroic traits?Does the story of our protagonist emulate a Shakespearean tragedy?

This book also tackles the thorny legal and philosophical issues that Saul encounters— from client confidentiality to advertising rules to which attorneys are bound. Be sure to check out the fun quiz at the back that allows you to determine how similar you are to the one and only Saul Goodman! So, heed Saul’s advice— roll around in the dirt with him. And if you want to learn what makes Mr. Goodman tick, you Better Call Saul!

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Yahoo TV Review:

What Our Favorite TV Lawyer Says About Life, Love, and Scheming Your Way to Acquittal and a Large Cash Payout’ by Steven Keslowitz

Real-life attorney and pop culture writer Keslowitz provides Better Call Saul fans with the perfect excuse to obsess (continue obsessing?) about the series in the off-season with this book, which dives deep on analyzing our favorite members of the fictional Albuquerque legal community and their cohorts. The relationship between the McGill brothers, Kim’s grifting exploits with Jimmy, whether or not the eventual, full-on transformation of Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman truly reflects who Jimmy is are but a few of the thought-provoking questions the book raises, and the delights to be found in the chapter titled “From Kettlemans to Cobblers: A Critical Analysis of the Legal and Ethical Issues on Better Call Saul” will not only tickle you, but almost certainly spark a Season 3 — and 1 and 2, let’s be honest — rewatch.

About the Author

Steven Keslowitz is a practicing attorney and pop culture expert. He is the author of three other books—The World According to the SimpsonsThe Tao of Jack Bauer, and From Poland to Brooklyn—and several journal articles focused on the intersection of law and pop culture.

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