Welcome to the blog section of my site! Let me give you a little information about what you’ll find here. This is not your typical blog. I don’t post just one thing or one kind of thing. Even in life I’m a kind of “jack of all trades,” and that bleeds over to my blog. 

What You’ll Find

Each day will have its own theme, even though I may not post every single day. Since I am a fan of alliterations, I used them to help make it easier to remember. My theme days are as follows:

Monday Musings: Random thoughts, comments, musings.

Tour Tuesdays: All blog tour posts! If you would like me to be a part of your Blog Tour, click here for more information.

Writing Wednesdays: (I know this isn’t a true alliteration in terms of sound, but it’s a visual alliteration, so I’m going with it!) All about writing tips, samples, advice from other authors, takeovers from other authors, tutorials, etc. I will also have a new Writing Prompt every Wednesday for anyone interested in doing weekly writing prompts with me to help keep the creative juices flowing!

Thrifty Thursdays: Things on sale: books, music, movies, etc. If you have a book on sale that you would like me to promote, go here for more information.

Feature Fridays: Specific topic features: books, authors, music, etc.

Whatever Weekends: It’s the weekend—anything goes!

Along with the themes listed above, I will talk about everything—from what I’m writing, to what’s going on in life, to helping to promote others, whether they be authors or musicians. You may even find the occasional recipe thrown in, as I enjoy cooking and baking. In other words, there will be a lot to find here!

There are two sections to my blog: the main content and my writings. Everything on the My Writings page is related to what I’m writing—excerpts, what I’ve written in response to my Wednesday Writing Prompts, etc.

Getting To Know You

We are all in this together—whether we’re authors, readers, bloggers, musicians, listeners, etc. I love to get to know, and interact with, everyone I work with and those who read here. With that in mind, please comment on my posts if you have questions or anything fun to add!