Restoration by Randi Cooley Wilson
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If you enjoy paranormal books, and you've read the first books in this series, you'll thoroughly enjoy this conclusion!

It’s hard to believe that this series has come to an end. I remember when it began; being a part of the blog tour for that first book was fantastic. I really enjoyed it, and as the series has moved forward, I’ve come to absolutely love it! I was so, so mad at the end of the last book (Book 4—Revolution), because there was so much in flux, so much that still needed to happen. Sure, it meant that this book, Book 5, would be jam-packed with all sorts of goodies, but having to wait? Yeah, that sucked.

But the wait was well worth it!

Now, if you’ve been one of my blog readers for some time, then you know that I do the spoiler-free review and then the spoiler review. A couple of months ago I was asked by several of you to not post the spoiler review because it was too much of a temptation for you. LOL! And while I, personally, don’t believe there’s such a thing as spoilers (I mean, maybe you find out that Dumbledore dies before you get to that point in the book, but you don’t know how it happens, or why it happens, what the circumstances were around it, what the emotions were around everything—you know, the actual important stuff in the story ), but I know that my way of thinking isn’t the way others see things. And hey, while this is my blog, I do it for you—my readers! And if y’all don’t want spoilers, then I won’t post them.

Okay, so all of that was said to add this little tidbit: this review is going to be very difficult to write without spoilers! LOL I will try. But I suggest reading this one soon, because I can’t guarantee others won’t give away some spoilers.

RestorationSo, let’s start with the main couple. Or should I call them a couple? Bwahahaha! Just kidding. If you’ve read even just the first book, you know that Asher and Eve are quite the power couple, and they won’t let anything stand in the way of their relationship. Back in Redemption (Book 3), if you remember from my review, I was a little annoyed with Eve. She seemed to be lagging behind some of the other characters in terms of growth. Well, I can tell you, that ended in this novel! Her arc—the way her character took on each challenge thrown at her and used it to propel herself forward, to be better, and yes, to grow—is really strong and kept me reading and wanting more. While Asher’s stubbornness is still a mired trait, it’s really nice to see that she doesn’t let it phase her nearly as much. His biggest growth came in understanding that it isn’t her job to always give in to him, that compromise as well as a certain ebb and flow are what every relationship needs.

You know I’ve always adored Abby. She’s by far my favorite character (sorry—I know it’s supposed to be the MC, but let’s be honest, Abby is a hoot, especially when paired with Callan). There’s never a lack for that (often much needed) comic relief when these two come into play. It was also nice to see McKenna grow and show a different side of herself. If I’m being honest, she had started to grate on me. But you know what? Sometimes that’s the sign of a great character—one that can get under your skin.

I’m glad Gage had a good role in this one. He’s such a scoundrel, which makes you both love and hate him. I’m hopeful that he will continue on in any future series that Randi Cooley Wilson writes. There’s so much more under the surface with him. He just hasn’t had the right opportunity to shine, in my mind. So, yeah, I’m really hopeful that we’ll get more from him.

I’m sad to see this end, but excited to see where Randi takes things next. There’s a little surprise in the book for you about where she might just be heading, but as I’m being as spoiler-free as possible, I’m just going to leave it at that!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and felt it was a strong end to the series. While there were a few things I would have liked to have seen with the character development (I mean, who doesn’t have their own ideas of what should be? LOL), she’s the author and I like what she did with it. There were several times she caught me off-guard with some plot twists, and I always love when that happens. Of course, that also plays into me going “But what if this character went this way??” Yeah, you’ll know what I mean when you read.

While this is a review of the final book in the series, I need to address the series as a whole. If you’ve read the other books in the series, then chances are that you’re already gearing up for this one and you don’t need much prodding to go out and grab it. If you haven’t read the books in the series, then here’s my message to you: Go. Grab the first book. Enjoy it. Then move on to the second, then the third, and so on. Just trust me.

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