Well, it’s official. Surgery #3 on the ol’ Frankenankle will commence on 7/18. This will include a fusion of two joints (the sub-talar joint and the talo-navicular joint), along with the possibility of the removal of a nerve (sural neurectomy) and removal of the offending tendon (posterior-tibial tendon), though the removal of the tendon is dependent on how diseased it looks once he’s in there. In other words, it will be a very involved surgery.

All of this is complicated by the fact that we know I reacted to the titanium screws that were used in my initial surgery. When they removed the screws, the swelling all but disappeared. (The swelling has come back, but that’s due to the re-injury aspect.) I am currently in the process of undergoing metal allergy testing, and my allergist is even using the actual screws that were used in my initial surgery.

Recovery is going to take quite some time. Depending on the outcome of the metal allergy testing, there’s a possibility of having to be hospitalized for several weeks while using an external fixator. That is worst-case scenario, of course, but the way my luck’s been going… heh! Kidding aside, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to find hardware that my body can tolerate so that I’m only out of work for a couple of weeks, followed by working from home for a couple of weeks. That would be the ideal situation.

In the meantime, I just returned from a week-long vacation to Walt Disney World where I rented a motorized scooter/ECV to get around. I was actually distraught about that prospect when my doctor first told me that was the only way he’d clear me to go, but after using it (and sharing it some with my daughter who managed to injure her knee while we were there—though thankfully the injury was just a relatively minor sprain), I’m really glad I had it. It made the trip so much easier to manage, and there would have been a TON of walking. I wore my walking boot for the duration of the trip—I didn’t even bother to bring any left shoes along, since I knew I’d just be using the boot—and that was helpful. At one point, however, the day before we received the scooter, I was walking around the Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) area and felt something snap and then I couldn’t put any pressure on the foot. I admit that I kind of started to freak out. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false alarm. I still don’t know what happened—maybe it just got tweaked somehow or something—but after about 15 minutes of resting it, the pain mostly faded and I was able to walk again.

Next month, I have Denver Comic Con for three days followed immediately by a trip to Nashville for UtopiaCon. That is going to be a super intense amount of walking, and I know I’ll be stuck in the boot again for those. I’m hopeful that my tendon will hold on for that long… it has to. I don’t have a choice, and neither does it! So there!

The one positive that might just come out of this surgery is that it will hopefully give me more time to write and finish things up. I made a commitment to have one of my books ready to go before NaNoWriMo begins in November, so some time off from work to write might be good. However, if I’m totally drugged up on painkillers, it may be… interesting.

Either way… here we go! 💜