It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on my blog. Life has been absolutely crazy! I haven’t had time to do much reading lately, let alone any real in-depth reviews. I thought I’d take a break from writing and actually update the blog today. 

To put it quickly, these are the things I’ve had going on since my last update:

  • I joined a second choir this year. It’s absolutely incredible!
  • My other choir was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall; I’ll be there in March!
  • We are building a new house—it should be ready end of August/beginning of September!
  • For the day job, I completed what is referred to as a “Nano Degree” program for Front End Web Development!
  • I’m gearing up to teach a Scrivener Master Class at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Gold Conference this September!
  • I’ve finished the YA novel I’ve been working on for the last couple of years, and will be pitching it “around town,” so to speak!
  • I’ve started writing a new book that will be part of a 5 book series (at a minimum)! (I’ve even mostly outlined the entire series!)
As you can see, it’s been a busy few months, and is just going to get more busy over the summer as we prepare to sell our house and move. For as crazy as it will be, I cannot express just how much I’m looking forward to it. In our current house, I’ve had to do the majority of my writing either outside of the house or in my living room, because I have no quiet place to myself. It’s made it harder to really get things done the way I wanted to. The new house, however, offers me my own office space, where I can go to write, daydream, plot, outline, whatever my little writer’s heart desires! 

Another benefit of the new house is that it’s a ranch style, so Frankenankle won’t be as much of an issue for getting around. It will be so nice to have everything I need all on the same level. AND I’ll have a big garden soaking tub! It has a huge, open kitchen with more cabinets than I think I’ll know what to do with. LOL.

While the biggest thing on my writing plate right now should be working on my new novel (that will be part of a great series!), I’m more focused on making sure the Scrivener Master Class I have coming up will go off without a hitch. It’s going to be a little difficult to get everything crunched down into 4 hours, so I’m working hard to ensure I keep everything as tight as possible, removing anything extraneous (which is difficult as I don’t find much in Scrivener to be extraneous LOL). I’m very passionate about Scrivener, and I want to make sure this Master Class is successful so that others will love this software as much as I do! So, my main focus right now is getting it all lined up, practice delivering it, and all that goodness.

I’ve got some great stuff coming up, too. I’ll be at Denver Comic Con again this year; this time, I’ll be up in Author Alley with several other Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer authors! Come stop by and say hi. I’ll be selling  and signing them, if anyone wants a copy. Denver NaNoWriMo will also have a Partnership Table this year, but since I will be up in Author Alley, I likely won’t be at the NaNo table. My two cohort MLs will be there, however, so stop by that table to say hi to them!

Well, I should get back to work/writing. I do still check Twitter occasionally (not as much as I did, unfortunately) but you can always reach me here or by email! I’m going to try my best to keep the blog updated (and even post some excerpts of my WIPs for you!) over the next few months, but I can’t promise any real regularity. Once the move is complete, life should settle back down into a nice, calm routine, and then I can get back to blogging, reading, reviewing, writing, and all that jazz! In the meantime, stay fierce!